Free Wavetables for Korg modwave, Serum, Vital, Surge, Bitwig and other wavetable synths plus single-cycle waveforms

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This is the free sampler from KRC Mathwaves, a massive collection of 46,000+ more than 120,000 wavetables (and their component 29,000 single-cycle waveforms) for the Korg modwave hardware synth, Korg modwave native, Serum, Vital, Surge and other wavetable synthesizers—such as Arturia Pigments, Vital, Phase Plant, Ableton Wavetable, and others—that can import .wav files as wavetables. This free wavetables collection now includes about 270 free wavetables in the formats described at right.

The text below primarily describes the full KRC Mathwaves Collection, which is just $29 (that's 8.055555555555556e-4 dollars per waveform if you're fond of math).

Learn more about this collection in my YouTube KRC Mathwaves playlist... and like and subscribe while you're there!

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Wavetables and Single-Cycle Waveforms Made from Math

Created using mathematical techniques built on ideas developed by previous waveform explorers, KRC Mathwaves started as a deep exploration of the unique timbral qualities of waveforms based on the polygonal number series but explores other novel waveform creation techniques as well—including bitmasking and frequency shift keying.

The collected waveforms are the result of pure mathematical functions, not based on samples. The resulting collection is weighted toward bell-like tones, but many other vocal, harsh, and bread-and-butter synthesis timbres can also be found within.

The wavetables themselves are constructed in various ways, with an eye toward exploration and happy accidents. They are also optimized for Korg modwave and similar synths, with no more than 64 frames per wavetable, leaving plenty of room for discovering sweet spots between interesting waveforms and no decimation of the original wavetable.

Free Wavetables for Korg modwave and modwave native

The 270 example wavetables are provided as a ready-to-load Korg .mwbundle file that can be sent directly to your hardware modwave via the modwave Editor/Librarian and/or loaded into the modwave native software. (And - in the full version - all 36,000 can be loaded to your modwave hardware at once!)

Free Wavetables for Xfer Serum

For Serum users, a folder hierarchy of wavetables can simply be dropped into the Tables subdirectory of the Serum Presets folder for instant gratification. These same 32-bit .wav files can also be imported into a wide variety of other synths and plugins—any wavetable synth that accepts 32-bit wavetable with 2048-sample length frames. (There are now multiple zip files of .wav format wavetables in the free collection.)

Free Wavetables for Surge XT, Bitwig Polymer, and other ".wt" Format Synths

For users of Surge XT and Bitwig's Polymer synth, a folder hierarchy of wavetables is provided in the Surge ".wt" format. These are 32-bit floating-point .wt files with up to 64 frames each. In Bitwig, these can easily be imported into Polymer by right-clicking in the Polymer interface until you see "Import Wavetables". Then select that option and navigate to a folder of .wt files you'd like to import (you won't see the individual filenames).

Free Wavetables in WaveEdit Format for Eurorack Modules, Etc.

For users of Eurorack wavetable oscillator modules like the Qu-Bit Electronix Chord V2, Synthesis Technology E370 and E352, and others that support wavetable import via .wav files exported from WaveEdit, the wavetables are provided in WaveEdit format. These are 16-bit .wav files composed of 64 frames that are 256 samples long.

Free Single-Cycle Multisamples and Wav Files

In this sampler, a random collection of 124 single-cycle waveforms from the full collection is provided. These are 2048-sample .wav files (either 16 or 32-bit) with an arbitrary sample rate of 44.1 kHz set. Full-length loop points are specified in the files' metadata. In the full collection, 29,160 single-cycle waveforms used in the KRC Mathwaves wavetables are also provided in a variety of formats:

Multisamples for Korg wavestate and wavestate native

Each single-cycle waveforms from the Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 collection, has been resampled and converted to Korg multisample files, resampled to span the entire C0 to C9 range, suitable for use in the Korg wavestate hardware and Korg wavestate native software synths via Korg Sample Builder. (They can also be used in modwave in this way, but why bother since they are also available more usefully as wavetables! 🤔)

In this free sample pack, a random assortment of 116 Korg modwave/wavestate .korgmultisample files are provided.

"Format-independent" Multisamples

In the full version: All 29,160 core single-cycle waveforms in a directory format suitable for use with the "Convert with Moss" utility, allowing them to easily be converted to other multisample formats such as Akai (MPC) Keygroups, Kontakt files, or other formats. Desire another format? Contact me with details (

Single-cycle .wav with Full-length Loops

The full collection includes the raw waveforms as 2048-sample .wav files (some 16-bit, some 32-bit) with an arbitrary 44.1 kHz sample rate and full-length sample loop points set. Need a different format? Contact me with details (

Designed for Exploration and Happy Accidents

How do you deal with nearly 30,000 waveforms? Embrace a little randomness. The various "Explore" groupings allow for easy, semi-random browsing of the library's massive amount of content. Several groupings—the "RAIM" and "Mband" collections—use special techniques to customize the wavetables based on non-time-linear techniques.

Free Wavetables Made by AI

NEW! (November 20, 2023): I recently added more than 10,000 new wavetables to the full KRC Mathwaves wavetable collection. These wavetables were generated by a new Variational Autoencoder (VAE) that I developed, trained on my library of mathematically-produced waveforms.

As part of the free collection, I've enclosed a random sampling of 16 of those wavetables. These wavetables share some of the characteristics of the Mathwaves collection, but many novel and unusual timbres as well! A video on these wavetables and the process of creating them will be forthcoming soon.

EVEN NEWER! (November 28, 2023): I've added an additional 35,000+ VAE-generated wavetables to the full KRC Mathwaves collection. Another 128 VAE-generated free wavetables are now included in the free collection! These are provided in both Korg modwave .mwbundle format and .wav format for Serum and other modern wavetable synths. Enjoy!

I want this!

270+ FREE wavetables from my gigantic collection of 80,000+ wavetables for modwave, Serum and other wavetable synths, created from my mathematically-derived collection of 29,160 single-cycle waveforms. Both Korg .mwbundle files and .wav versions are provided. The wavetables are grouped into modwave Collections (and Serum subfolders) as described below. The 29,160 core single-cycle waveforms are also provided as Korg wavestate/modwave multimaples and in various .wav configurations for easy use with other types of samplers and sampler-like instruments. Individual collections/categories described below!

127 Korg modwave wavetables
Single Korg .mwbundle file for modwave, modwave native
127 Serum wavetables
.wav wavetable format suitable for Serum or other wavetable synths that can import 32-bit wavetables. (There are no more than 64 frames in each wavetable file.) Drop this in your Serum Presets "Tables" subfolder.
1 Korg .korgbank file
Contains about 128 single cycle waveforms in a single Korg .korgbank file. Import to wavestate or modwave via Sample Builder.
124 .wav format single-cycle waveforms
2048-sample single-cycle waveforms in .wav format with full length loop points set. Use them wherever you want.
118 .korgmultisample files
118 individual multisamples saved in .korgmultisample format. Import them to Korg Sample Builder one at a time if you like.
16 AI-generated "VAE" wavetables (set 1)
16 .wav format wavetables created with AI
128 AI-generated "VAE" wavetables (set 2)
Another 128 .wav format wavetables created with AI
143 AI-generated "VAE" wavetables (sets 1 and 2) for Korg modwave/modwave native
Singe .mwbundle file that contains 143 randomly-selected wavetables created with my AI!
127+ Surge XT/Bitwig wavetables
.wt wavetable format suitable for Surge XT and Bitwig's Polymer synth wavetable engine
127+ WaveEdit format wavetables
.wav 16-bit, 64 frame, 256 sample versions for various Eurorack modules and other hardware synths
KRC Mathwaves Vol 4 Sampler
An additional 24 wavetables demonstrating some of the latest additions to the KRC Mathwaves collection. Provided in all formats.
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Free Wavetables for Korg modwave, Serum, Vital, Surge, Bitwig and other wavetable synths plus single-cycle waveforms

22 ratings
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